Our consultancy

A brief overview of the services we offer:

"Personal touch" consultancy services
Our service is based on the provision of personal advice and the specialist information as we organized established professional network. Whether you are a small specialist company or just setting up for the first time: you can be certain of finding the right person to deal with your particular request or help with a specific problem.

Local market entry knowledge
As the Japanese head office, Steinbeis Japan offers comprehensive support - whether you are looking for the potentiality in Japanese market, seeking M&A partners, intending to set up new operations in Japan or just having questions about subjects such as importing, exporting, licensing etc.

Research and Development
This aspect involves specific, direct transfer of technology and / or information. Here Steinbeis Japan can offer the network of professionals in several institutes, 3 universities, dozen of public experimental centers covering engineering, computer specialists natural scientists and management for market oriented products, process and systems, pilot projects and innovative ideas.

Further training
Based on the partnership with Steinbeis University Berlin, Steinbeis Japan has been facilitating a postgraduate course leading to the award of a Master's degree in Kitakyusyu as a co-operative project with Kitakyusyu University as a first step. Japanese business practices through lectures, company visits and interactive seminars have been organized.