International Customers List

Japanese Market Entry

ZestoTherm Inc. (U.S.A.)
LUXLED (Germany)
Protopipe (U.S.A.)
ICC (Korea)
ALLDOS Eichler (Germany)
Simmons Group (Hong Kong)
Graessle (Germany)
Hahn Biometrix (Germany)
JENOPTIK Technologie (Germany)


General Scaning (U.S.A.)
Gould (U.S.A.)
ROWI (Germany)
Vedewa (Germany)
NMT (Germany)
Hans Grohe (Germany)

Partner Search

Daimler Group / Mitsubishi Group
Cincinnati Bell / KDD
Bosch / Toyo Communication Equipment
Mitsubishi Heavy / a company in Taiwan
State of Baden-Wuerttemberg / Kanagawa Prefecture
Design Center Stuttgart / Ishikawa Design Center
A German company / Toshiba
A German company / Shimazu
A German venture business / Eisai
Nippon Koden
2 M&A Projects (U.S.A.based - Japan based)


JENOPTIK (holding)
Bank of Boston (U.S.A.)
Recycloplast (Germany)
ECCO (Germany)
Above list includes those projects managed by individual management staffs of Steinbeis Japan.